Want To Meet A Quality Man & Immediately
Set It Up For Long Lasting Love?

If you want to meet a quality man and have him completely devoted to you …

If you’re done with endless first dates, meeting men who aren’t a good fit and don’t bring out the best in you …

If you’re a smart, successful single woman who’s serious about sharing your extraordinary life with the love of your life …

If this sounds familiar, I can help!

As women we put a lot of pressure on ourselves. Even though we know we know we’re a good catch and have a lot to offer, it feels vulnerable to go out there.

Where do you go?

What sites are best?

How do I attract his attention and know if he’s interested?

It’s embarrassing when we don’t know what to say or do.

It’s uncomfortable when we can’t tell how he feels about us.

Not to mention the pain when things don’t work out the way we hoped.

It’s hard to stay positive when we feel rejected or constantly disappointed.

So we shut down.

We say, “Screw it.”

And we stop believing in the possibility.

But deep down there’s a part of us that wants to come out … that wants to be seen, that wants to have the experience of falling in love with a quality man and feel great about ourselves in the process.

Unfortunately our society and culture have set us up for failure when it comes to love and modern romance.

We were never taught the art of men and relationships.

Instead we were raised on fairy tales that have gotten many of us in trouble!

That is why I’ve created this special mastery program to help you meet a quality man, fall in love without losing yourself and STAR in your own love story.

You can attract a quality man in less than six seconds and know if he’s romantically interested within 15 minutes.

You can stop wasting time with the wrong men and start having the right man hooked on you by date three.

You can have a very happy ending and feel fantastic about yourself in the process.

As a former dating disaster, I have been there, done it, botched it, got help, learned it, used it, mastered it and now I can help you.

If you’re frustrated with the men in your life … or lack of them … it’s time to do something different.

All you need is a little skill.

“The Guy Asked For My Phone Number Within The First 5 Minutes!”

Cherry, I tried your flirting tip and it worked! The guy approached and asked for my phone number within the first 5 minutes! We are going to a play next Friday! I am having so much fun using your suggestions! So excited to continue working with you!

- Kara, Seattle, WA

This STAR Mastery Course takes you through each stage every successful relationship encounters before marriage.

It starts before meeting your man and goes all the way up to engagement. It takes you by the hand and leads you step by step on where to go, what to do, what to wear and what to say to meet your man to create long lasting love without losing yourself.

You can learn at your own pace and apply what you’re learning as you go.

No matter where you are … if you’re just getting started or dating a man and want to keep romantic intimacy building for long-term romantic success, this STAR mastery program is for you.

This STAR Mastery Course will help you:

  • Know what to do and say with any man in ANY situation
  • Feel better and more confident meeting men and dating
  • Build new skills instead of being in old poor habits with men
  • Overcome your fear of rejection, embarrassment, shame, abuse or fear of losing yourself to a man
  • Handle difficult or uncomfortable situations with men with grace and ease instead of feeling anxious or scared
  • Understand how romantic relationships really work between men and women so you can make better, more rational choices
  • Embrace your fun, flirtatious, fabulous self instead of holding yourself back from truly being cared for by a man
  • Gain higher self-esteem, more ownership and deeper love with the man you want to build a long-term relationship with
  • Express yourself in a way your man will cherish you and give you what you want
  • Become a relationship expert so you can teach your daughters and your friends how to get better romantic results
  • Here’s what’s included:

Star in your own Love Story:

These 10 Mastery Course topics are specially designed to support you in meeting your man and having your most successful romantic relationship EVER!

You’ll see amazing results with men! (You won’t BELIEVE the difference!)

You’ll experience yourself in a brand new way and have more fun dating than ever before!

This is what we’re covering:

1. Getting Started: How To Meet Your Man

If you’re just coming out of a relationship or marriage, it can be tough just knowing where to start.

Where do you go? How do you meet him? What dating sites or apps are best?

Maybe you’ve been dating, but the men you’re meeting are flaky. They don’t put you as a priority or they stop calling you back.

Maybe you feel like giving up because it’s all so confusing and overwhelming.

This STAR mastery program will simplify and demystify the whole process of love and romance.

Through a very fun and easy process you’ll know:

  • How to meet your man and create the style of relationship you want … NOT like your last one!
  • Everything you need to know to set up long lasting love BEFORE meeting your man!
  • A fun, fail-proof exercise to put your romantic priorities in order and eliminate anything that gets in the way of your romantic success
  • How to build your confidence and manage any fear
  • How to stay focused and fall in love without losing yourself

2. On-Line: Creating A Dynamic Dating Profile

Your dating profile is your first introduction on-line. It’s your “advertisement” to meet a new man.

Presentation is key. If you’re not presenting yourself well, a man won’t see you. He’ll skip right over you and won’t notice you’re there.

If men you want are not responding to you on line …

If you keep attracting losers and geeks …

If you’re done with dating the wrong men and want to know how to attract quality men …

You’ll learn:

  • How to “POP” on line so you’re noticed by the men you want to see you!
  • How to recognize the RIGHT MAN for you from his on-line profile
  • The 3 BIGGEST Mistakes most women make in their dating profiles
  • How to respond to strange on-line requests
  • What to do if he keeps texting and emailing, but won’t ask you out
  • How to know if he’s a man worth meeting and getting to know
  • How to feel safe and protect yourself when dating on-line and on apps.

“I Already Have 12 Queries”

I rewrote my dating profile … and ALREADY I have 12 queries and emails. I have NEVER had 12 before!!!

- Wendy, from NYC

3. Meeting Him In Person: Where To Go (& What To Wear!)

A quality man likes a woman with style.

So what you wear makes an important impression. You want to make a good one with your man.

When you go out, you want to look your best. You want to feel your best and Be your best.

If your style can use up-leveling because you’re still stuck in the nineties …

If you’re dressing like your daughter in hopes men will find you more attractive …

If you feel everyone else has more style than you …

You’ll learn:

  • Where to go and what to do to attract a quality man
  • How to get him to approach you in less than six seconds
  • How to know if he’s romantically interested in less than 15 minutes
  • How to take a boring, worn, tired wardrobe and turn it into one that’s fabulous, fits well and fun to wear!
  • How to LOOK AMAZING … and have his head spinning!
  • Up-level your style with colors, textures and shapes that naturally highlight your best features (without spending a ton of money)
  • How to present with ease, confidence and grace … in a style that gets you noticed and is authentically yours!

4. Act One: The Perfect Act

When you meet a new man he can feel perfect. Even if he’s not exactly what you expect, it can feel like he’s your perfect fit!

You’re excited. Your work is done. You’re sure he’s the real deal. Your man. Your Hero.

If it were only that simple!!

Before you start writing wedding vows, understand every successful relationship goes through three acts BEFORE marriage (or the final curtain!)

It’s a good idea to know what they are and what to expect so you have long-term success with a happy ending.

You’ll know:

  • Why your first three months are so crucial for long-lasting love
  • The 3 MUST HAVES for every successful romantic relationship
  • How to know when it’s safe to have sex and make a commitment
  • What to do if he’s younger or from a different country or not at all the man you expected to meet
  • Why he changes or suddenly disappears
  • How to build healthy boundaries so you don’t lose yourself as you build intimacy
  • How to get your home Romance Ready!

“I Can’t Tell You How Much I’ve Learned!”

Cherry, something I’ve noticed is that the men I’ve been dating are telling me how easy I am to talk to and how they feel a connection with me. The only thing I’m doing different is concentrating on listening, smiling and letting him lead, LOL. I can’t tell you how much I’ve learned from your course, thanks a bunch!

- Cari, from Northern California

5. Giving & Receiving: How to Show Appreciation Without Over-doing it

Relationships are all about giving and receiving.

How you give and receive keeps intimacy building and the romance hot … or leaves you feeling exhausted or depleted.

If you want a quality man to give, protect and cherish you, but keep attracting men who don’t …

If you feel neglected or underappreciated for all you do …

If you’re tired of feeling like you’re his “mama” or his “manager” …

You’ll learn:

  • The BIGGEST mistake most women make in romance that turns a man off and how to avoid it
  • What to give your man (or not) to make him fall in love with you
  • How to know if he’s giving you enough and what to do if he isn’t
  • How to feel good (and not resentful) when giving to your man
  • Why it turns him off when you give too much
  • How to give back to him in appreciation by entertaining him in style
  • Be a gracious hostess for savvy soirees, last minute dates or impromptu overnights

6. Sexual Commitment: Is He The Right Man For You?

You meet. He’s hot. Your chemistry is Off. The. Charts.

You can’t keep your hands off each other. When you’re apart, you can’t stop thinking of him.

But does he feel the same way?

What if it’s all an act and he’s just using you?

If you’re wondering if a man’s into you for the right reasons …

If you’re unsure when it’s safe to have sex …

If you don’t know how to get him to commit to you …

You’ll learn:

  • How to know if he’s the RIGHT MAN for you
  • How to know if it’s real love … or sexual obsession or addiction?
  • How a man falls in love with you (you’ll be amazed!)
  • 2 Styles of Sex and why it’s important to know his style
  • Dealing with Rogues and Heartbreakers
  • How to know if he’s using you or if he’s seriously falling in love

“I’m A Different Woman Now!”

I’m a different woman now … like one of my dates told me, “it’s not a matter of being worthy of love, but who’s worthy of you!”

- Ginell, from Kuwait

7. The Imperfect Act: Dealing With Drama, Conflict & His Annoying Habits

Everything goes soooooo splendidly … for about three or four months … then the trouble starts.

This is the time when most couples break up prematurely because they don’t have the necessary skills to keep the romance alive.

This is when you discover your ideal man is not at all what you thought he was: He’s flawed.

And worse … he’s seeing all your jiggly bits and imperfections.

This is when you start to pick. And fight. And things get dramatic.

His annoying little habits start driving you nuts!

You’ll learn:

  • What to do when the trouble starts to keep the romance alive
  • How to deal with drama, conflict and his annoying habits
  • How to fight and build intimacy instead of breaking up
  • 4 Tell-tell signs if he’s a loser or a man worth taking a risk on in love
  • The Biggest Advantage of fighting and how it can bring you closer
  • How to get your needs met with ease and grace

8. Love & Money: The Business Side Of Romance

He’s really great and treats you well, but he doesn’t make or have a lot of money.

If you worry that his lack of finances is a deal breaker …

Or wonder if you should hold out for a better man …

Or question how to deal with men and money …

You’ll learn:

  • How to handle who pays, when and how often
  • What to do if you’re more financially successful than he is
  • How to negotiate “win/win” with the financial imbalances in your relationship
  • The 2 Biggest Power Plays in romantic relationships
  • How to increase your personal value and self worth

“Your STAR Mastery Course Is An Incredible Gift!”

This is awesome. I feel completely encouraged to stay authentic in my quest for finding the One. Your STAR Mastery Course is such an incredible gift. Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom and experience!

- Angelika

9. Act Of Engagement: What To Do BEFORE Saying “I Do!”

He proposed! You’re so excited. You’re so in love. You want it to last forever!

And you want as many things as possible working in your favor before you walk down the aisle.

There are some major things you want to know and discuss BEFORE you say, “I do.”

You’ll learn:

  • The 4 Biggest deal breakers in every romantic relationship
  • The Most Important agreements to make before marriage
  • The topics you need to know and discuss before saying “I do”
  • How to protect yourself legally and financially
  • How to negotiate roles and responsibilities before marriage

10. Marriage & Happy Endings

Ah your wedding day. You’ve finally married your man. Now for a life of wedded bliss and love!

If you want to keep your love alive after exchanging your vows …

If you want to keep the intimacy building and the romance kindled …

If you want to keep your sanity and your health …

You’ll learn:

  • How to keep your marriage on a romantic course
  • 7 Savvy Truths your Mama never told you about marriage
  • How to keep him enamored and completely devoted to you forever
  • How to keep a healthy balance while looking and feeling your best in love and life
  • How long to stay in a marriage or relationship and when it’s time to leave

This STAR mastery course will prepare you for your man and help you set up your romantic relationship so he’s completely devoted!

You’re not going to have the problems you’ve had in the past. It’s a major advantage to understand men better than they understand themselves.

Now if you have an inkling of hesitation, ask yourself, “What is the cost of being unfulfilled, frustrated, lonely and bored?”

What is your cost of NOT understanding men?

Can you put a price tag on your sanity?

Are you worth making an investment in yourself that will keep you healthy and feeling better with men than you ever have before?

I can’t put a price on the benefits what you’ll learn. But I promise you, it will be money well spent.

If you’re a woman who takes action and wants results …

If you want an amazing relationship with a man that will enhance your life …

If you’re a smart, savvy woman who wants it all … a man who loves you and a fabulous lifestyle …

Purchasing this program will be one of the best decisions you’ll make in your love life!

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Internationally acclaimed, DUTY DATING is the magical film that entertains you and show you exactly how to:

  • Go from no dates to being besieged by men
  • Learn how “Duty Dating” helps you meet and marry your man
  • Use dialogue from the film in your own dating or love life
  • Stop feeling nervous or uncomfortable around men and start feeling confident and cool

Based on the acclaimed best selling book, “Getting to ‘I Do’,” by Dr. Patricia Allen, DUTY DATING is more than a movie, it’s a “How To” for having a successful romantic relationship.

When you meet a quality man and know what to do with him, it will change your life!

Normally, the price for my 10-month STAR Mastery program is $497.00 which is an extraordinary value!

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If you’re ready to have a satisfying, intimate romantic relationship with a quality man and become the best woman you can be in the process, then let’s get started!

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“My Boyfriend Asked Me To Marry Him!”

My boyfriend asked me to marry him over our vacation! He said that he had never met someone with such high values, so loving and understanding … That he feels so happy and relaxed when he is with me and that he loves the fact that he knows which roles each of us has. In addition, we have good communication. He thinks I will be the perfect wife and mother for his children! Thank you because all you have said has paid off! I’m really,
really happy!

- Elizabeth, from Spain

Seriously. I’m 100% confident that this “STAR In Your Own Love Story” Mastery course will be the easiest, practical, most complete program to help you meet your man and create the romantic relationship you desire.

If you apply what you’re learning and use the skills I teach you, you’ll see VERY noticeable differences in your dating and relationship results.

Give yourself this very special gift!

Invest in yourself and your romantic future because you’re worth it.

Give yourself this amazing opportunity … the gift of knowing how to meet your man and STAR in your own love story …

And let’s have some fun!

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Be Brilliant! Shine bright!



P.S. Don’t miss out! Order NOW!

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“It’s Raining Men!!”

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I have been working hard at following your tips and advice and haven’t even finished listening to all the sessions yet!

I must admit I was a bit skeptical at first and had some trouble getting my head around what appeared at first glance as anti-feminism. But I get it now. And I am still a feminist, but one who found the feminine part in feminism.

Since I began listening to your sessions, I have not lost a pound of weight or had any plastic surgery, but I am sure attracting more quality male attention! I am still me, but softer and better dressed and coiffed. It seems so easy now. I smile, let them speak first, say please and thank you, let
them lead and present themselves. I gather information, remind myself that I am the prize, that I am enough, and that I cherished.

The two men I am dating are chivalrous and I feel protected around them. They are respectful, complimentary, and thank me each time I accept a date with them and after I have gone out with them! They do not look or behave anything like the last couple of men I dated, “B.C.N.” (before Cherry Norris).

Thank you soooooooo much Cherry for what you have done to raise my standards and my self-esteem, and to reduce the power of my ego. You are a blessing.

- Ida, in Canada

“My Relationship Is Going Strong!”

I’m happy to report that the relationship with the man I met in January is going strong. He took me a few weeks ago to meet the matriarch of his family – an aunt who lives in New York. Last week he took me to the mausoleum to visit his interned father. As we looked all the way up to his father’s crypt at the top of the wall, he told his father that he had found the one – that he knew the first time he saw me – “Just like you told me it was with mommy.”

We stood there and cried. He surprised me with roses on Valentine’s Day. The card said that I meant the world to him. I also learned that my divorce was final on that same day. When I called to thank him for the flowers and to tell him that I’d just learned that my divorce was final – he asked me if I was all his now. I said ‘yes.’

We often remark to each other that it seems like we’ve been on a non-stop date since we met. Our most romantic date was spent at the beach in south New Jersey in the rain.

Here is a man with a plan and he maps out every day what he wants for us and how he wants our life to be. My heart lights up every time I see him or hear his voice on the phone. He makes me laugh – tons! I feel very blessed Cherry! My only regret is that I didn’t meet him 20 years ago.

Thanks again for your coaching!

- Melanie